Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift help to bring back more youthful & perky appearance to the breast which can make you look & feel better about the look of your breasts.


Breast lift is a surgical procedure that lifts and reshape the breasts into a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing shape and position. Women interested in breast lift when their breasts look deflated and droopy specially when their nipples pointing downward. A breast lift one of the cosmetic procedure that known to boost the self-image and self-confidence.


Factors that can affect the shape of a woman’s breasts:

Saggy breast is an issue that affects all women. Many believe that pregnancy, losing weight, and age are what make women breasts lose their shape. But the fact is not only these  key contributors are the only players but there are others.

  1. Aging: As a person ages, the effects of gravity can cause the ligaments supporting the breasts to stretch, resulting in sagging. Additionally, the breasts may lose firmness and fullness due to the natural aging process, including atrophy of the glandular tissue. The skin covering the breasts also becomes less elastic, making it less likely to return to its original position after being stretched. These changes collectively lead to a loss of fullness and perkiness in the breasts.
  2. weight fluctuations : This factor has a big influence on the shape of the breasts  for women and men. Weight affects the amount of fatty tissue within the breasts. Gaining weight increases the fatty tissue within the breast and results in breasts enlargement which will increase the  tension on the ligaments and connective tissues. As the breasts struggle to bear the weight, they lose shape and begin to sag and droop. When the woman  lose weight, the amount of fatty tissue contained within the breasts decreases. Unfortunately, this doesn’t undo the damage previously caused to the ligaments.
  3. Hormone changes: can have a major effect on a woman’s body and especially their breasts. Starting when going through the puberty, getting pregnant and the menopause. In pregnancy, the breast get bigger &  the bands of tissue that support the breasts (ligaments) might stretch. This happens as the breasts get fuller and heavier. The breast envelope doesn’t always shrink back to its original size after finishing the nursing, ending with saggy & kind of deflated breasts. However, This may happen whether or not the woman breastfeed her baby.Similarly, when a women go through menopausal period, the effect of declining in estrogen production level  in the body has a visible effect on the breasts. The breasts lose their fullness and shape due to atrophy of glandular tissue.
  4. Wearing imprper brassiere:  Lack of proper breast support can contribute to breast sagging over time. This can occur when not wearing a bra or wearing one that doesn’t fit well, as it can fail to provide the necessary support to reduce the effects of gravity on the breasts. It’s worth noting that the larger the breasts, the shorter the time it takes for sagging to occur.
  5. Smoking: Can affect the quality of breast tissue specially the skin that represent the envelop of the breast & Lose the skin tone and elasticity make the breast more vulnerable to the effect of the gravity.
  6. Heavy breast implants.
  7. High-intensity workouts: Certain activities like running and jumping can lead to stretching of breast ligaments (Cooper’s ligament) and breakdown of breast collagen and elastin fibers (ligaments).





Aim of Breast Lift Surgery

  1. Create firmer, rounder, and more shapely breasts.
  2. Restore the fullness lost after childbearing or weight loss.
  3.  Balance the breast height when one sits lower than the other.
  4. Ensure optimal areola size and proportions. The size of the areolae may be made smaller to keep them in proportion to the newly
    shaped breasts.
  5.  Enhance the results of other breast enhancement surgeries, such as breast augmentation( change to smaller implant or breast
    implant explantation).



Types of Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgeries

A breast lift is a procedure that is tailored to each individual, taking into consideration factors such as the amount of breast tissue loss, the quality of the mammary tissue and skin elasticity, the level of sagging, and the desired shape and size as expressed by the patient. for e.g.

  1. Peri-areolar Mastopexy: patients who require only a minor lift and reduction of the nipple areola complex,  Periareolar breast lift can be performed. This type of a breast lift involves a scar only around the nipple along with the with reduction in the size of the areola and subtle lift of the breast.
  2. Volume Distribution Mastopexy; for patient, with minor to moderate  ptosis or sagginess of the breast and nipple areola complex, a vertical mastopexy, also called a lollipop lift. With this type the breast require more aggressively lift than peri-areolar mastopexy. Breast reshape by breast tissue advancement and reshaping for fuller upper pole.
  3. Breast Lift with Auto-Augmentation: This technique can be benefit for women have a moderate ptosis, satisfactory breast volume. In this technique, the breast tissue carefully elevated, repositioned and fixed to the upper pole of the breast to provide additional fullness and projection to the breast

This technique can be useful for patients who have moderate ptosis and would like to have both a lift and slight increast in breast size.

It is important ot know that this technique is not suitable for everyone, and it is always  careful  isolation of part of breast tissue that located in lower pole of the breast causing breast  sagginess and reposition it with fixation at the upper pole of the breast to provide additional fullness and projection to the breast, and can be   supported by fixing it in place using a synthetic mesh.

    1. Severe type of breast ptosis or drooping mean more excess skin need to be removed and more breast tissue advancement or volume distribution, with or without using synthetic absorbable mesh.


Important to know

❖ A breast lift won’t change the size of your breasts. However, a breast lift can be done with breast augmentation or breast reduction.
❖ Some women combine breast lift with other cosmetic surgeries for a mommy makeover, including a tummy tuck, liposuction, or other procedures.
❖ Breast lift isn’t for everyone. If you plan to become pregnant in the future, youmight delay getting a breast lift. Your breasts could stretch during pregnancy and offset the results of the breast lift
❖ While a breast lift can be done on breasts of any size, those with smaller breasts will likely have longer lasting results. Larger breasts are heavier, which makes them more likely to sag again.


Important to Remember:

The enlargement of breasts during pregnancy, followed by deflation after breastfeeding, can cause breast sagginess , contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding itself isn’t the primary cause of sagging breasts. but it is the changes that happen within the breast tissue during the pregnancy that contribute to  drooping.