Fat Transfer to Breast

Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer


Fat Transfer (with or without Mesenchymal Stem Cells):

An alternative to breast implants is the use of fat transfer, which involves harvesting fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the breasts after scientific methods of fat preparation. Dr. Kazzaz’s favorite methods using PureGraft system.





Puregraft is a cutting-edge technique used for fat preparation in fat transfer procedures. utilizes a closed-loop system to remove impurities and excess fluids from harvested fat, resulting in higher quality and longer-lasting fat grafts. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that only purified and concentrated fat cells are transferred, leading to more successful and natural-looking results. PureGraft helps to preserve the viability of the fat cells and minimizes the risk of complications. By using PureGraft for fat preparation in fat transfer procedures, patients can expect improved outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction. This advanced method contributes to the growing popularity of fat transfer procedures as a safe and effective option for natural tissue augmentation.





Fat  transfer can be performed without or with the addition of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells. Some advantages and disadvantage to consider


  1. Natural-looking results: Fat transfer can provide a more subtle and natural-looking enhancement, as it utilizes your body’s own tissue.
  2. Dual benefit: In addition to breast augmentation, this procedure allows for liposuction in the donor area, resulting in improved body contouring.
  3. Lower risk of complications: As fat transfer uses autologous tissue, the risk of complications such as implant-related issues is minimal.



  1. Limited increase in volume: Compared to breast implants, fat transfer procedures may yield a more modest increase in breast size.
  2. Variable fat survival: Not all transferred fat cells will survive, and more than a session may be required to achieve the desired outcome. For better outcome and more stable long-term result advice to  enriched the fat with stem cells specially for patient with poor breast tissue and skin quality.
  3. Unsuitability for some individuals: Lack of sufficient fat donor sites or inadequate fat distribution may limit the feasibility of this option for some patients.


Advantage of adding stem cells to fat graft

Enriching the fat graft with adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs) can provide several scientific benefits including:

• Improved fat tissue survival, leading to more successful grafting outcomes.
• Secondly, stem cells secrete various growth factors. These factors can promote angiogenesis, reduce inflammation, and enhance the recruitment of other regenerative cells, thereby further improving the quality and longevity of the fat graft.
• Additionally, adding stem cells to fat graft can be particularly reduce the risk of immune rejection and improve the long-term integration of the graft with the surrounding tissues.
• Overall, adding the stem cells in fat grafting procedure improve the fat graft survival, and potentially give better and more stable long-term outcomes.


Hybrid Breast Augmentation Using Implant +Fat Transfer

The hybrid breast augmentation is an innovative approach that combines the use of breast implants with fat transfer. This technique combines the benefits of both methods, addressing potential limitations of each.



Who is a candidate for Hybrid Breast Augmentation?


• Patients who have very small breasts
• Patients who previously underwent breast augmentation with implants and did not satisfy with a result and texture of implants and would like a more natural result
• Patients who’d like to have big but natural breasts at the same time




Hybrid Breast Augmentation Using Implant +Fat Transfer


  1. Enhanced customization: The hybrid technique allows for a more customized and personalized approach by combining the benefits of breast implants and the naturalness of fat transfer.
  2. Increased breast volume: The addition of fat transfer can provide a fuller and more augmented appearance, complementing the shape achieved with implants.
  3. Better cosmetic outcome: It also decreases a chance of implant rippling, gives better and more nature breast cleavage and an attractive decollete area.
  4. Potentially reduced implant size: The use of fat transfer can enable a reduction in implant size while achieving desirable results, facilitating a more natural look.



  1. Surgical procedure: As with traditional breast implant surgery, the hybrid approach does require a surgical procedure and recovery time.
  2. Potential variability in outcomes: The success of this technique depends on the available fat for transfer and individual factors that can influence fat survival.


Mini Breast Augmentation – Mini Boob Job

Many women hold the misconception that breast augmentation invariably results in a significant increase in breast size for a more exaggerated appearance. They often express concerns about the possibility of an artificial look following breast enlargement surgery. This concern is especially prevalent among women with petite or athletic body types, who may feel that a prominent cleavage does not always complement their natural physique. In contemporary times, there is a growing trend of women seeking a natural, appealing aesthetic for their bodies and breasts, in contrast to the preferences of previous decades.

The extent to which the breasts are augmented is entirely dependent on a woman’s objectives for the surgery. A more subtle form of breast augmentation can be achieved by utilizing smaller-sized breast implants. This approach assists women in attaining a well-defined curvature of the breasts, resulting in a feminine appearance that is both discreet and refined. This method aims to enhance the breasts with a natural-looking, subtle curvature, avoiding an excessively large or artificial appearance.

Another option for achieving this goal is through fat transfer breast augmentation, which provides a natural aesthetic.




Need to Know


Breast augmentation offers a range of options, each with its own advantages and considerations. By being well-informed about breast implants, fat transfer (with or without stem cells), and hybrid breast augmentation, you can make an educated decision in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to achieve the results that align with your aesthetic desires and prioritize your well-being