Preserving the Allure: Tips for Long-lasting Attractive Breast Shape

No doubt many women would like to turn back time and have the bodies specially the breasts that they had during their prime. Unfortunately, naturally reversing any loss of shape to the breasts is impossible, but there are preventive measures that can help as much over time:
The best way to avoid loss in breast shape & perkiness is to maintain a steady healthy weight. A gold advice to any woman plan to lose weight is to do it so gradually, to allow the ligament and connective tissue within the breast to adjust to the changes in the body shape and size and allow the breast to cope better as the tension is eased.
Good fitting bra: should support the breast weightlessly, fitting comfortably under the breast without pinching or pulling. The underwire of the bra should go around the contour of the breasts themselves, whilst also sitting flat against the chest and the whole breast should fit comfortably into the cups.
Quite all kind of smoking including sheesha.