Revision Breast Surgery(Non-implanted Breasts)

Revision (Secondary) Breast Surgery also known as Corrective Breast Revision, is an effective option to restore a desirable appearance to the breasts as some women may not achieve the desired outcome of their breast surgery due to multiple factors; These can be physician, patient, and / or time related.

  • Improper surgical technique and performance or lacking aesthetic considerations will lead to substandard result and an unhappy patients.
  • Patient related factors include mammary and skin tissue quality, unmet expectations and misconceptions, genetics, noncompliance, health-related concerns.
  • Changes over time; breast surgeries result can potentially last a good period of time but not necessarily forever. Along with the passage of time, the changes in our body are not for the better: stretching and thinning of the skin, significant weight gain (or rarely loss) with alteration of body proportions, and evolution of our tastes and goals. Revision will be needed to improve the aesthetic, functional or health-related issues.


Secondary or Revision breast surgery in non-implanted breasts is designed to offer a solution by:

  1. Correction of abnormal or excessive scars
  2. Achieve a size of breast that patients are happy with due to unsatisfaction by over or under correction or due to changing over time.
  3. Correct excessive breast asymmetry
  4. Un-natural breast shape specially  after breast reduction like; bottoming out of breast tissue or oddly located nipple (high seated nipple).
  5. Un-attractive shape or malposition of  nipple-areola complex
  6. To address saggy breasts caused by the aging process and enhancing breast lift outcome
  7. Changes in breast and skin tissue caused by skin stretching or weight loss/gain issue.
  8. Insufficient breast projection.


Important to Know

In secondary or revision breast surgery, the experience of surgeon in such kind of surgeries is mandatory as it is required tailored technique to each case separately to ensure optimal & most possible aesthetic outcomes.