The Invisible Enemy: Understanding Capsular Contracture and its Growing Concerns

Introduction: Today, we delve into a topic that affects a significant number of women worldwide – capsular contracture. Breast augmentation continues to be a popular cosmetic procedure; however, the long-term effects and potential risks associated with it are crucial aspects to consider. In this blog post, we will explore the relationship between the age of […]

Exploring Breast Implant Illness- BII: Understanding the Debate and Scientific Perspectives

Recent years, breast implant illness (BII) has become a topic of increasing concern for both patients and medical professionals. BII refers to a range of symptoms that some individuals with breast implants report experiencing. While many people have had positive experiences with breast implants, it is necessary to delve into the ongoing debate surrounding this […]

Preserving the Allure: Tips for Long-lasting Attractive Breast Shape

No doubt many women would like to turn back time and have the bodies specially the breasts that they had during their prime. Unfortunately, naturally reversing any loss of shape to the breasts is impossible, but there are preventive measures that can help as much over time: The best way to avoid loss in breast […]

Why choose Dr. Sahar Kazzaz for Revision Breast Surgery?

Dr. Sahar Kazzaz is a highly esteemed plastic surgeon, recognized for her expertise and accreditation as a surgeon of excellence. Specializing in a diverse array of cosmetic breast and body procedures, Dr. Kazzaz is particularly skilled in revision breast surgery. This specialized field demands the experience and proficiency of dedicated plastic surgeons who prioritize exceptional […]